Euroma's Meatballs & Co



Market Meatballs & Co. Position the new spice brand and come up with a successful campaign concept for the introduction on the market.



We love nothing more than being able to style a brand from scratch. Meatballs & Co. is a new spice label by Euroma with which the brand reacts to the new food trend. Minced meat is hot in the Netherlands, as is evident from the many traditional hamburger joints that are popping up all over the country. The product has many more applications than the good old meatball.


We were responsible for the entire branding process: form positioning to the design of the packaging and the introduction campaign. We opted for a tough and slightly activist campaign theme: make minced meat of the world. Consumers, after all, can decide for themselves how they want their meat. That is why the salt is included in a separate stick, as opposed to the competition’s products. The packaging was given a striking, classical design. We used authentic fonts and illustrations on a black background to emphasise the brand’s authenticity and craftsmanship.


Cup game

To load Meatballs & Co. online, we used the oldest trick in the book: the cup game. Three cups, a (meat) ball... but under which cup? Advertisements on Facebook directed visitors straight to the brand’s website and gave them an opportunity to win a free sample of Meatballs & Co. Next, Facebook users were motivated to challenge their friends through social media.


Meatballs & Co. has conquered its place in the Netherlands and is now available in any supermarket. The cup game quickly went viral. In total, the game was played 13,000 times and reached around 330,000 people. Thousands of winners got a chance to taste the best free samples of their lives.