For Farmers

Artica and ForFarmers are virtually inseparable. Ever since the earliest beginnings in 1997 – back when ForFarmers was still called CTA – we have been handling the brand’s entire marketing communication. We were responsible for the brand name ForFarmers and the new positioning “Farmers with ambition.” Just like ForFarmers, we are extremely proud of our hinterlands: the hard-working farmers that supply us with dairy, meat and crops.

The producers of the best foodstuffs

Developing a brand is one thing; making a brand successful is a vital second. Literally. The “producers of the best foodstuffs in the Netherlands” are rapidly conquering the Netherlands. Using a variety of unique promotions during the Zwarte Cross festival, we manage to link farmers to the ForFarmers brand in unconventional ways every single time. Even the local airwaves are not safe. With secret radio transmitters, we can even reach farmers on their own grounds – and far beyond. We recently launched a guerrilla campaign in secret. ForFarmers got front-row tickets during public television reports on the Dutch bicycle racing championships. 


We have been working together for nearly twenty years now. ForFarmers has grown to become the European market leader and continues its rapid development to this day. A fantastic result and one we continue to work hard for every day.


ForFarmers has gone through several name and style changes since 1997. The ForFarmers trucks have become icons on wheels. You might run into them anywhere, anytime.




thE ZWARTE CROSS festival


ForFarmers and the Zwarte Cross festival have become inseparable. During the festival’s first iteration, the brand was represented by around 10,000 farmers. Each ForFarmers visitor was given his/her own characteristic “Hardbrok Café” shirt. The Zwarte Cross slowly turned blue... Whenever possible, we allow the target audience to engage with the brand themselves.


Speed dating in the mud. Creating brand loyalty “live” was never more exciting than in the ForFarmers Date Shack.




Dutch bicyle racing championships guerrilla campaign 


Farmland is private property. We benefited from that fact with a guerrilla campaign designed to support our farmers. ForFarmers was in the picture extensively during public television’s coverage of the Dutch bicycle racing championships in Twente.




Secret transmitter promotion


We took initiative to come up with a communication concept that would allow ForFarmers to reach its target audience – farmers and workers – all over the country for a low budget. Artica developed a campaign that focused on illegal radio broadcasts hosted by the men and women who provide hard-working farmers with a daily dose of healthy motivation. Our “charm offensive” was a hit! Around 500 pirate radio stations all over the country requested the pirate package and 415 of them sent in their clothing designs. The ForFarmers jingles were received with enthusiasm and broadcast to the every corner of our nation. 



trade show stand


Every year, we develop a new themed stand for ForFarmers, with which the brand takes part in various trade shows such as the Hannover Eurotier. We design and construct the stands ourselves. 






To quickly increase brand recognition for Vida, ForFarmers’ new brand of piglet feed, the brand went “on tour.” Artica developed the entire branding campaign for Vida.