Tyco Fire Protection

Tyco Fire Protection Products is the global market leader as a producer and supplier of a wide range of high-quality active fire prevention and detection products. We are responsible for the brand’s communication in Europe.




Every game is a home game. That thought inspired us to develop the Tyco Zettler Roadshow for the brand’s sales programme. A custom-built truck trailer, designed to immerse clients in the Tyco philosophy at locations throughout Europe. It offers information on the brand’s advanced fire prevention and extinguishing systems and allows staff to host training sessions.

The trailer can be “booked” by any European Tyco branch via a special online platform. The text panels and digital presentations are easily interchangeable. That is very useful, given the wide range of nationalities that enter the trailer, and guarantees a target-specific approach at all times. The truck is manned by Sjaak, the enthusiastic driver – or better yet, ambassador – of Tyco.




Cabinets concept

The TYCO DV-5 Red-E Cabinet is a perfect example of Tyco’s “smart solutions.” This fully assembled, ready-to-run cabinet contains a pump to control a sprinkler system. The compact casing allows the pump to be installed virtually anywhere, even outside a building. To display all of this product’s clever characteristics, we developed a website with a three-dimensional model of the Cabinet. Visitors can easily scroll through the machine and all its specifications with this virtual model.

View the result here






Inspire seven completely different audiences with a single stand? Why not! We created seven different augmented-reality (AR) experiences for the German trade fair Interschutz. Visitors were handed an iPad which allowed them to engage in a real-time product experience in one of the stand’s seven virtual worlds.

Does that sound too futuristic? View the clip below and see for yourself!







Tyco Warehouse Concept

To display the pure necessity of Tyco’s product range, we developed a layered and on-going three-dimensional website concept that lets visitors of the site experience for themselves how quickly a fire can spread. In addition to this spectacular experience page, we developed an advertising grid and an eye-catching direct mailing.