We use our creativity to bring concepts to life.

Brand strategies, concepts, campaigns, expo experiences and so on… these are ‘just’ solutions that flow from creativity. The idea is what matters most. At Artica, our creativity and our solutions are home grown. We produce and implement all our concepts in house. It is convenient and leads to better results.

We have over 40 years of experience in successful creative concepts. There is no trick to it, it’s a matter of a well-considered strategy. We are proud of our knowledge and expertise. We enjoy getting into the minds of our clients. Letting our characters and specialisations do the talking.

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What we do

What starts as a creative concept, we follow through with different disciplines. Each project has different strengths and that calls for different areas of expertise. We are always able to meet that demand. Here is a glimpse of what we can do for you.

  • Strategic

    A successful brand or product is a succession of logical steps and choices. But what is logical and which choice is best? We ensure your know-how and our insights combine to form a smart launching pad.

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  • Activation

    Beautiful brands are not inert. You make them dynamic. A call to action. Whether than translates into enquiries, purchases or brand ambassadors. From Facebook campaigns to expo promotions, or old-fashioned collection of tokens. We would be delighted to assist you.

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  • Brand Creation

    How do you turn a good idea into a compelling story? With appropriate tone-of-voice and look-and-feel. By building on a strong concept. By testing whether it goes the distance, in whatever application.

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  • Graphics

    A strong, individual brand identity demands a distinctive visual style. A striking signature. In the seventies, we developed house styles and advertising templates. You now have applications for these online, social media and apps.

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  • 3D

    Good ideas are universal, they can be implemented in a way that is not media dependent and they are not limited by format. We develop divergent three-dimensional promotional tools. For example, exhibition stands, displays… actually, anything that serves as an effective communication tool.

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  • Interactive

    A well-built house is welcoming. In addition to a solid front door – an easy-to-find and characteristic home page – online video and social media offer innumerable opportunities to turn visitors into fans who want to beat a path to your ‘door’.

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What we make

From fast-moving consumer goods to industry and high-tech. From regional branding to smart energy… We work on international brands and projects. Often for many years, much to our delight. Our creativity makes a lasting impression. Want to see it? Dive into our portfolio here to gain inspiration, or contact us.

This is where we give our creativity free rein.

Meanwhile, at Artica...

We are always busy creating beautiful things. We are happy to give you a taste, hence these snackable updates. Our die-hard fans follow us on Facebook and Instagram. In for more? Then dive into our portfolio.

Artica is a diverse agency of creative thinkers, doers, planners; We believe diversity is just as important as pleasure. Work hard, play hard; we want to grow together.

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